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Three things are needed for a company to have a website on the internet: (1) a Domain Name, (2) a Hosting Service, and (3) someone to develop a user-friendly website.

Domain Names

WestSide offers the best rates for securing your domain name ( on the internet.

Whether you need a new domain, transfer an existing, or parking a name that you're not ready to use, WestSide is the answer!!

Call us today or search our online database for your next domain name!

Hosting Services

Our hosting services are located in a secured data center with redundant power and multiple paths to the internet.  This means that your site is always accessible and at super-fast speeds. 

Our servers also support the technologies and languages that you need for your business website.

Our Network Operation team monitors our web servers 24x7 and with built-in alarms and fail-over systems, you're site is always up!!!

Web Site Creation

Our site designers are experts in developing your website in the software application best suitable for your needs.

Our staff will develop your site in HTML, Flash, CGI, Java, and other applications to support your site.  Whether you need an online catalog, web front-end with back-end databases, or a simple design so your customers, and future customers can find you easily, WestSide Web Development is the best company for you to trust!



Our Mission

Provide the knowledge and resources that allow small and medium sized businesses to have a presence on the internet at an affordable price.

Get your business on-line so you can be found by new customers.
There are three things that you need to get your business on-line:

Domain Name - this is your internet address (

Hosting Company - a company with web servers (computers) always connected to the internet.  Be sure not to sign up for a $20 a month company that offers too little space, have their servers in their office or worse, their house.  The web server should be in a data center with multiple power sources as well as multiple paths to the internet. This means should one power source or internet provider go down, another will kick in and your site is still accessible.  WestSide guarantees a 99.9% up time!  You're always in business with WestSide!.

Site Developer - this is someone who can build a professional, eye-catching website that separates your business from your competitors.  Please take some time to look at some of our customer sites.  You'll always find HTML plus Flash to add sparkle.  Our sites are not flat/static web pages.  Our design engineers can create your site in HTML, Flash, CGI, Java, and other languages to support your business needs. Our web developers will ensure that your site is optimized for the search engines and register your site for no additional charge.  Our goal is for your site to be listed on one of the first search results pages and not the 80th!  Your business won't grow if people can't find you.

Affordable pricing separates WestSide from its competitors.


Consistent with our mission, we offer a range of price plans to ensure that any business has a place on the internet with a professional looking website that competes with the Fortune 500! Click on the Pricing link on our menu to see our price plans.

Business Telephone Systems

If your office is moving or needs to upgrade the existing telephone system, we highly recommend Dynam Communications.

Service Excellence.
We've been helping people get on the internet since the early 90's which is before most people knew about the internet.